*This story is complete as of 4/7/17*

Silas is an important member in the most powerful gang in the city. Like many others around him, Silas’ soul exists entwined with the soul of a demon. Known as fiends, they constantly fight for control as their demons feed off of the discord and anger in the tumultuous world around them. Lately, Silas’ demon has grown more agitated than usual, as the world around him sinks further into war. The seculars are rising up against the witches, but there is something else going on. Something darker is lurking on the edges, waiting to rise up.

River’s mother is a High Priestess, the leader of a coven of witches who get their magic from the Gods. She doesn’t just lead any coven; she leads one of the most important covens in the city. But River is her son, not her daughter. Even though he is her only child he, as a male, will never have the authority to make his own choices. He must stand by the choices his mother makes when the seculars, humans untouched by the magic of the gods, decide to rebel against the privileges the witches hold and fight for equal rights. There is that battle to fight, but there is something even deeper happening. Something darker is coming, and River knows they are not prepared for it.

Silas and River meet in a time that is on the cusp of a dramatic change. One is demonic and the other divine. Their natural instincts are to oppose each other, yet they are drawn to each other, no matter how much the outside world opposes them. Even in more peaceful times, a relationship between a drug-running fiend and a witch from a powerful family wouldn’t be easy, but they are caught up in a war. The divine and the demonic often fight, but when they love instead, there can be no knowing the consequences.

Chapter 1 * Chapter 2 * Chapter 3 * Chapter 4 * Chapter 5 * Chapter 6 * Chapter 7 * Chapter 8 * Chapter 9 * Chapter 10 * Chapter 11 * Chapter 12 *  Chapter 13 * Chapter 14



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