Accepting Criticism

Any other night owls like myself awake? Check out this video about accepting criticism about your writing. Comment to let me know your best and/or worst experiences with criticism concerning your writing (or anything else).


Starfighter: Eclipse Let’s Play

Howdy everyone! Normally on Mondays I post either a review or a reading from a book. Since I reviewed Starfighter most recently, normally I would do a reading. However, since Starfighter is a webcomic, doing a “reading” from it didn’t really seem applicable. Thankfully, there is a game available for me to do a let’s play! You can tell watching this that my technology skills aren’t very good…but I sure had a lot of fun!

Keep reading and keep loving!

Starfighter Review!

Hey everyone! I traveled a lot this weekend so my weekly review is a day late. It actually works out to be perfect timing. When I recorded a few days ago I didn’t realize that the new chapter of Starfighter would be out so soon, but it turns out it’s coming out today (AH!). Be sure to watch this review if you would like to know if you’ll be interested in the webcomic!

Starfighter is a gay sci-fi romance webcomic by HamletMachine that features fantastic art and a wonderfully crafted story.

Reading: The Rifter

Howdy everybody! Check out the video below to listen to the first two chapters of The Shattered Gates,  the first book in The Rifter series by Ginn Hale! I also did a review of this series. You can find that here. Please remember that this story belongs to Ginn Hale and is NOT my original work! Check back next Monday for another video!