20-Word Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Here’s my newest piece of flashfic. The weather is FINALLY getting nice where I live (even though it was still snowing about a week ago), so I was definitely inspired by the change in seasons. I’ll have the last ebook for Pull up soon, and I posted a video yesterday about my experiences writing serial fiction. 

He is the graceful shape of dark, bare branches cutting the grey sky. He will bloom under springtime sun.


20-Word Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

There’s a pretty good chance the final chapter of Pull will be up this weekend. I’ve had a very hard time polishing it, so there’s a possibility it could be delayed longer. I’m really trying to get it out there though so I can start working on something new for all of you!

Today’s “20-Word Wednesday” is one of the shortest I’ve done! If you don’t follow me on Twitter already, check out @KMorrighan. I participate in a few different weekly writing events on Twitter and I would love to hear what you think about my writing and my process.

Touch me gently, lover. I am forbidden fruit, which tastes the sweetest and bruises most easily.


20-Word Wednesday

As you probably know by now, most of my writing is romance/erotica, usually mixed in with elements of Fantasy and Sci-fi. Today, to celebrate International Women’s Day, I wanted to write something different:

If in your heart you call yourself Woman, then you are strength and creation, cleverness and gentleness and divinity.

I don’t usually do this, but I wanted to write a bit about why I decided to write this the way I did. First, I wanted to specify “If in your heart you call yourself Woman” rather than “All women” or “If you are a woman” not only to support our transgender sisters and brothers and others, but to show that women can name and describe themselves however they want. I had a lot of hesitation with using the expression “you are,” because I was trying to get away from the sense of orders and commands that women so often have to deal with. Then, I thought that to avoid these phrases just because they are used negatively doesn’t do anybody any favors. Here, I mean it not as a command but as an invitation for other women to worship themselves and the role models they have in their life for whatever reasons feel important for them. Just because the patriarchy has certain rules about how women and men should behave does not mean we need to conform to them. I purposefully put strength first simply because when listing positive traits about women we too frequently put traits related to physical beauty first and any other qualities are considered less important. 

I have this snatch of poetry in my head with no memory of where it came from, so this seems like a good a place as any to put it down. Let me know if you recognize this at all or can tell me anything about it: “Free woman, be free / like the moon is free / from the eclipse of the sun”