Pull – Chapter 6

Pull – Chapter 6

Happy New Year! As my final installment in my 12 Days of Yule series, enjoy chapter 6 of Pull.  Just a reminder that you can now buy the eBook of the first four chapters!

It had been surprisingly easy to gather together fiends interested in peace. Silas had started with Leena, convincing her to leave her gang and join him. He knew she’d have to listen to him, due to the dominance of his demon (superior even to her gang leader, as he’d guessed) that he had never quite understood. After that, they’d used her connections to seek out others who would be willing to team up with the witches. They’d gotten themselves a warehouse in an abandoned corner of the city. There aren’t a lot of them, but more fiends show up almost every day to join.

It’s been two weeks that they’ve been here, as he hasn’t heard anything from River about his mother or any of the other High Priestesses. He’s starting to get anxious. The secs have gotten even more violent. Two more covens have been bombed, and witches who dared to wander outside the covens are killed almost every day. Silas barely sleeps, and when he does he’s haunted by images of River’s lifeless form. He wakes up sweating and shaking then clutching his knees to his chest. He just wants to hear from River. He just wants to be sure he’s alright.

“You’re worrying about him again, aren’t you?” Leena looks at him sidelong. He hadn’t told her he is in love, but she isn’t stupid. They’d barely known each other before, but two weeks of nearly constant contact has made them pretty close. It isn’t hard to figure out he likes guys, and apparently it isn’t very hard to figure out what all his pining and nervous tension is about. Of course, she doesn’t know that the man Silas is in love with is a witch, must less the son of an important coven’s High Priestess. At least, he hopes she doesn’t know.


Silas realizes he’s been staring out the dirty glass of the window at nothing. He blinks and looks over at Leena.

“Yes. I’m worried about him.” Silas notices the bite in his tone, but doesn’t apologize or make an attempt to remedy it.

“Listen, I’ve seen how much this is eating at you. Normally, I would just tell you to get over it but this feels more serious than that. You aren’t yourself. Maybe we could send some scouts out to look for him, whoever he is, and find out if he’s alright. It could be a good way to train some of the newer ones before we ask them to find out anything…”

She cut herself off before she could finish her sentence, but Silas had guessed on what she had been about to say: anything important.

Silas ignores the implication of the unspoken words, knowing she would not have meant to seem like she didn’t care about Silas’ love interest.

Silas sighs. It’s a tempting thought, to think of someone sneaking out to check on River. He’d thought about going out himself. He’d practically had to tie himself down every night to keep himself from going out and searching for River himself.

He loves River, but he is dedicated to this cause. Too dedicated to risk it by getting himself killed searching for River. Fiends can really only join this group because Silas’ demon is dominant to so many of their leaders’. If he was to die, they’d end up wandering back to their old gangs, and any attempts for reunion would be futile.

“We can’t send anyone after him.” Silas whispers, turning away. Leena calls his name and follows after him, but he’s already walking off.

He stops short. The edges of the warehouses are crowded with fiends, sitting on the blankets they sleep on, chatting with each other and whatever else. In the center of the room, staring at Silas, is a familiar fiend. The one with long blood-red hair and red eyes that stand out dramatically against his dark skin.

Silas freezes and stares at the fiend. He glances around at the others, but they don’t seem to notice him. He smiles wickedly at Silas. A thick feeling of magic, heavier than anything he’d felt before, settles over the air.

“What are you doing here?” Silas calls across the warehouse angrily. The demon in him moves frenetically. It isn’t exactly pushing for control, but it is frantic inside him. Many of the fiends in the warehouse turn to stare at him, still blind to the other fiend. The fiend pulls his long dark red hair over one shoulder, running pale slender fingers through it. Then he leans down into the ear of one of the fiends, Silas thinks his name is Euan, and whispers something. His bright red eyes flicker to Silas and when he finds him staring he gives a sly smile. His pink tongue darts out and licks Euan’s ear. His eyes on Silas’ are suggestively dark and blood floods Silas’ face. Then the red-haired fiend smiles, turns, and vanishes.

The atmosphere of magic dissipates, and everything in the warehouse changes very quickly. Euan’s expression turns to one of anger and he begins yelling at the fiend he’d been talking to a few minutes earlier. Silas doesn’t catch what he says, but the argument spreads like wildfire and soon everyone is fighting. Leena even grabs his upper arm, spins him around, and begins yelling some babble about how sad and pathetic he is and how he needs to either man up or leave. Just as he’s registered that something here is wrong and that the blood-haired fiend caused it, he feels the demon surge up in him. It is stronger than he’s ever felt before; too sudden and forceful for him to control. It speaks through him in a way it never has before, its voice tearing out of his throat.

“ENOUGH!” The voice is deeper than Silas’ own and echoes through the room.

The fighting stops all at once, and the fiends all blink at look around at each other with confusion clear on their faces. The demon rushes out of Silas to some place deep inside of him, leaving him drained. His knees buckle and he falls to the floor. He looks around at all the other fiends, knowing that his own confusion and fear mimics that so easy to see in the others.


It is another sleepless night for Silas. Nightmares of the fiend with blood-red hair had been added to his visions of River’s death since he had appeared a few days ago. He sits awake, leaning against the wall and watching the front door to the warehouse. He starts when the door slides open. They have watchers posted outside. How had someone gotten past without raising the alarm? A blonde figure slips in and slides the door closed silently. Silas relaxes back again. He’s fallen asleep, and he’s dreaming. It’s happened before. He watches River as he approaches, glancing furtively around him. When River reaches him he falls to his knees and wraps his arms around the fiend. Silas jolts when he feels River’s warmth and the strength of his arms.

“I’m not dreaming?” Whispering, Silas presses his face into River’s neck, wrapping his arms around the witch and pulling him close. The hug is awkward with them both sitting, but they cling to each other for a long moment before pulling apart.

“You’re not dreaming.” River breathes. “I’m here.”

Silas raises a hand softly to cup River’s cheek. “You’re alive.”

River’s cheek moves as he smiles under his hand. “Yes. I can take care of myself, Silas.” He glances around shyly and pulls Silas’ hand from his cheek. Silas notices that some of the other fiends have woken up and are staring at them in confusion. They must be able to tell he is a witch from the feel of his presence.

“This is River. He is our ally. He is helping me get his fellow witches to join us and work for peace.”

Some of the fiends looked concerned, but none of them say anything. Silas stands and pulls River to his feet, leading him to a small room in the back of the warehouse. He shuts the door behind them. When he turns back to River, the witch is giggling uncontrollably.

“What?” Silas’ voice is quieter than it might have been, his eyes fixed on the laughing smile on River’s face.

River opens his eyes, his smile softening but still visible.

“You know what they’ll think we’re doing in here.”

Silas blushes and turns away. River has always been blunt, but the sudden implication that something like that between them is not only imaginable but possible shocks him. He mumbles something nonsensical, takes a moment to gather himself, and turns back to face River.

“You talked to your mother.” There’s no other reason he would have come here.

River sighs and nods. “Yes. I did.”

Silence stretches on.

“And?” Silas takes a step closer.

River shrugs. “I don’t know. She was…oddly noncommittal. I don’t understand how she kept dodging an answer about something so big.”

Silas’ disappointment must be obvious, because River hastens to get the rest of his words out.

“But I did manage to talk to some witches from other covens, and they talked to their High Priestesses. They want to meet with you. It hasn’t been much time, so there aren’t many of them, but-”

“That’s amazing!” Silas starts forward and wraps River into a tight embrace. River doesn’t respond at first, shock making his body tense. Just as he moves to put his arms around Silas’ narrow frame, Silas pulls back with his hands on the witch’s shoulders.

“When?” His dark eyes are bright.

“Two nights from now, in what they’ve decided is a neutral location.” He pauses, looking down at Silas softly. “I’m so proud of you, Silas. I can’t believe everything you’ve done. You’ve already brought so many people together.”

Silas smiles up at him. “None of it would have happened without you, River.”


River remembers his own expression, staring up into River’s face when he’d come to the fiend’s hideout. His face had been soft then, and he had felt his own eyes filled with the look of adoration. The demon in him had barely been noticeable, as if it was somehow as relieved as he was to see River safe. Now, the demon rages in him, spurred on by his own anger and desire for change. His slender eyes burn with the desire for revolution as he and River face the assembled crowd. River keeps glancing over at him like he is a stranger.

The crowd is split clearly between fiends and witches. They whisper to themselves about fear and doubts and cast distrusting looks at the opposite side. Surprisingly, when he steps forward to speak, the chattering of the assembled crowd of fiends and witches dies off almost immediately. Silas isn’t sure what to do with the sudden influx of attention, all those eyes trained on him at once, and he finds he has to try to speak more than once, no matter how passionate he is.

“We are here today to discuss peace.” He finally begins, waiting for the crowd to erupt into angry comments. When they remain silent, he continues. “Each person here is, of their respective people, one of the few who actually cares about creating equality and peace. We know that there are many who would rather have war. Some of my fellow fiends believe that we are better off alone. But you,” he turns to his people and extends his arms out towards them, “and I know that the best long-term solution is harmony.”

A heavy feeling settles over the air, and Silas stomach drops.

“No.” He whispers to himself, but there is nothing he can do. Almost directly in front of him, between the separated groups of fiends and witches, stands the red-haired fiend. He gives a little wave and smiles up at Silas. With a feminine flourish, he snaps his thin fingers. Everyone else in the room seems to be oblivious to his presence, as they had been the first time, and they stare at Silas as if he is still speaking. Bright red eyes shift their gaze from Silas to River, grazing the witch’s body up and down in a way that makes Silas furious. Before he can react, the fiend turns and vanishes.

“Harmony?” One of the witches, a tall woman with short black hair, shouts shrilly. Silas blinks, taken totally aback by her cry. Yes. “Harmony” had been the last thing he said before the red fiend had appeared.

The witch continues her shouting. “Where was peace when you let the secs bomb the covens and kill my sisters?”

“You always say your people are better than we are. Why couldn’t you protect yourselves?” A random fiend shouts out from the crowd.

There are two many angry responses to that for Silas to decipher each one individually. Feeling River tense next to him, he looks over and sees the witch open his mouth to add his own shout to the crowd’s. Silas puts a hand on his arm, fear rising in him to see River succumb to the fear-mongering the red-haired fiend had caused. He remembers with a flash of rage the way his bright red eyes had lingered over River’s body.

River looks at him like he has just woken up from a dream, his eyes wide with confusion. The look of anger is gone from his face, and his two-toned eyes wander over the room as he tries to make sense of what is happening. The fiends and witches are arguing hotly, the space that had divided them in the room shrinking as they advance towards each other aggressively.

River steps forward hurriedly as the secs and witches began to fling insults at each other.

“I know-” He begins, much too quietly, and is cut off by the continued yelling of the crowd.

“Peace, people, and listen to me-” He tries again, but the shouting is loud, and his beautiful voice is lost in all the anger and fear.

Silas is just about to intervene when River raises his hands in a fluid motion, and everyone in the gathered crowd is knocked down by the force of his magic. Silas sees River’s hands shaking slightly as he lowers them. He has grown noticeably paler and his lips are pressed tightly together. Silas is shocked and impressed by the strength of River’s magic, but the toll it had taken on him is clear.

Silas tears his eyes away from River to see that the crowd, while distracted by being knocked to the floor, is still overpowered by anger. Silas remembers how the demon had surged up in him before, when the red fiend had appeared in the warehouse, He pulls the demon up again, summoning its power as he shouts out for them to stop. It doesn’t feel quite as strong as it had last time, but it works just the same. The fiends and witches all stop, turning their focus back to Silas and River. They look at each other, each of them clearly trying to make some sense of what they just saw, but not knowing any way to really do so.

“Our two peoples have never been friends. Or, if we were it was so long ago that none of us can remember it. Why haven’t we ever tried to change that? We’ve always understood that we can be stronger together than we are apart, we just never had a reason to unite until now. Maybe it sounds ridiculous. The secs have no magic, but they’re stronger than we give them credit for. If we don’t unite against them, we won’t survive. Sure, maybe we’d win this battle, but one day in the future there would be another that we would all lose.” Silas looks over them warily, his breath slightly quickened from the fervor of his monologue.

Surprisingly, River steps up besides him and addresses the crowd. “Trust me, I was wary when Silas first approached me. But the truth is, uniting against the secs is a smart move. If we keep going as we are now, our race will not survive.”


An hour or so later, after a great deal of discussion, Silas and River are left alone in the warehouse. Silas smiles and puts a hand on River’s shoulder, earning a small smile in reply.

“So, what now?” River asks as his gaze falls over the empty warehouse.

Silas turns to regard the spacious room alongside him. River slips an arm around Silas’ shoulders, leaning on the fiend’s smaller frame. He is still weak from the huge bout of magic he had used earlier. Silas purses his lips, glancing over at River. The witch’s blond hair shines in shafts of moonlight. He looks beautifully ethereal. Silas’ eyes stay fixed on him for many moments, until River feels the gaze on him and turns to meet his eyes.

“River…” Silas starts, then cuts off. How could he possibly bring up what he’s seen without sounding insane? He can trust River. “Did you see anybody…appear today?”

The confusion on River’s face indicates that he has no idea what Silas is saying.

The fiend sighs and shakes his head. “It sounds crazy, but…today, and a few weeks ago, I’ve seen this fiend with blood-red hair. It doesn’t seem like anybody else can see him. He just appears and brings this heavy feeling of magic with him. When he leaves, everything seems to dissolve into chaos.”

“Is that what happened today?” River asks, “Before the fight broke out?” He rests his head on Silas’ shoulder.

For a few rapid heartbeats, Silas is distracted by the warmth of the witch’s head on his shoulder. When he finds his voice, he replies.

“Yes. He was here. This time and last time, the effects of his magic didn’t…dissipate until I said something. Well, more like my demon said something.”

River jerks and moves away from him. The demon in Silas relishes  in the space between his body and the witch’s divinity, but Silas stings with the sudden emptiness alongside him.

“Sorry…” River apologizes weakly, vaguely gesturing in Silas’ direction.

“I-I didn’t see any fiend.” He says after a few moments. “But the demon inside you is different than other fiends’, right? Maybe that’s why you can see it while others can’t, and maybe why your demon can stop it. When you touched my arm, it broke some sort of trance. I realized something was wrong. Before that it was like I was in a dream.”

Silas knows how wounded he looks, watching River where he stands much too far away from him. What the witch had said was probably right, and Silas can only guess that answer was just so simple that he overlooked it.

“I’m sure you’re right, River. But…what do I do?”

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Missed fanfic friday yesterday: Oops! That means a double post today! Enjoy this Yuri on Ice fanfic now, and I will post the next chapter of Pull later tonight.

Victor x Yuri fanfic
This fic is set after the Cup of China Freeskate *SPOILERS FOR EPISODE SEVEN*
Warning: contains explicit sexual content

Yuri is elated. He can’t believe he won a silver medal. He raises a finger to his lips, feeling the sensitive skin where Victor had kissed, in front of everyone. He’d kissed Victor many times, sometimes sweet and innocent, other times long and deep and breathless. Never before had they kissed in public like that, confirming for the whole world what they had all guessed. They love each other. They hadn’t said it, but they’d each been thinking it for a while, ever since the first kiss after the Hot Springs on Ice competition where he had beat out his Russian competitor.

He looks over at Victor, standing next to him in the elevator, only to find his coach watching him. Not just watching him, but absolutely staring at him. He gives a shy smile, clutching the silver medal around his neck. There is something in Victor’s eyes, something deep and wanting. He’s seen that look in Victor’s eyes after long intervals of passionate kissing, quenched only when they take each other into their hands and release each other. Lust. Yuri has felt it too, starts to feel it now when he sees that look on his boyfriend’s face.

The elevator pings and the doors open. Yuri and Victor walk down the long hall to their room, neither speaking but doubtlessly thinking the same thing. Will tonight be the night that they make love? Yuri feels nerves move in his stomach just at the thought. The thought of opening himself to Victor, of consummating what is between them by getting as close to each other as possible, makes him more nervous than he ever was stepping onto the rink. Victor flashes him a look as he slides the room key in, pushing the door open. It might make him nervous, but the thought of making love with Victor also brings a surge of joy like the first time they’d kissed, and the first time Victor had called them “boyfriends,” and sleeping and waking up with Victor in his bed.

Yuri busies himself with taking off his shoes and jacket, toying with the medal around his neck before deciding to lock it in the safe in their room. He gets a glass of water, checks his hair in the mirror, and tries to find other menial tasks to do to distract himself from what is coming. He’s fidgeting with something on his phone when Victor wraps a hand around his upper arm. Yuri looks up at him.

“Yuri,” Yuri shivers at the way Victor says his name, “come sit with me.”

Yuri nods, following Victor to the bed and sitting next to him on it.

“There’s something I want to talk about, if you’re up to it.”

Yuri gives a half-smile and interlocks his hands with Victor’s. “I just won a medal. I’m up to anything right now. I feel like I’m gonna burst with this energy.”

Victor chuckles. He looks away for a brief moment and takes a deep breath before looking back to Yuri. Could he possibly be nervous?

“I think we should talk about sex.”

Yuri tries to keep his gaze steady. He isn’t shocked by the statement, though it makes all the things he has been feeling twice as strong.

“Okay.” He says, sure his nerves show even in that brief statement.

“I just…I think we should talk about it now, not in the heat of the moment when…” he cuts off, gesturing vaguely like he does when searching for a word in a language he has not mastered.

“I understand.” Yuri smiles at him. “That’s very considerate of you.”

“Have you had sex before?” Victor asks slowly, as if afraid to ask or perhaps afraid to know the answer.

Yuri blushes violently, pulling his hand suddenly from Victor’s and turning away. “N-no.” He mutters.

Victor wraps his arms around Yuri, hugging him from behind. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed of, Yuri. I know how it is with training and competing…there’s rarely time for relationships.”

“Unless it’s with your coach.” Yuri laughs. As the sound dies out, the somberness of the situation and his own embarrassment at his innocence resurfaces.

“What about you?” Yuri asks quickly, to try and move the conversation away from his own embarrassment. He realizes quickly the mistake he’s made. Does he really want to know the answer? Who knows how many people Victor’s slept with!

“Just one other person.” Victor says quietly. “A long time ago, almost ten years ago. I was so young then that it feels like a different time.”
“Another skater?” Yuri asks before he can help himself. He can’t help but wonder if it’s someone he knows.

“No.” Victor gives a gentle kiss to the crook of Yuri’s neck. “Just someone from the city I trained in when I was a teenager.” He pauses before continuing.

“I want to make love with you, Yuri.” Victor whispers into his ear.

Yuri turns in his arms, so they are facing each other once again. “Me too, Victor. I want to.”

Victor cradles Yuri’s face in his warm hands. “Yesterday during the short program…you were so seductive, Yuri. I wanted to have sex with you so badly after that, but I knew you needed to perform today, so I waited. You’re so sexy, Yuri.” Victor mumbles as he leans into Yuri’s neck, his breath hot on the sensitive skin there.

Yuri shivers and clutches at Victor’s shoulders as he kisses a gentle path up Yuri’s neck, his jaw, stopping at the corner of his mouth and pulling back so they can gaze at each other. He smiles, but Yuri only digs his fingers into his shoulder blades and crushes their mouths together. Victor makes a sound of need low in his throat, and Yuri relishes in the thought that he is the one doing that to his coach, his idol, his lover. Victor’s hands clutch at his waist, and they relish in long deep kissing as they move up onto the bed. Victor breaks off from the kiss, his chest rising and falling rapidly from the force of his breath. He lays Yuri down on the bed, and Yuri opens his legs slightly, looking up at his coach with what he hopes is an alluring gaze. Victor stares down at him as if he were naked even though they are both fully clothed. He settles himself between Yuri’s legs, their cocks rubbing together through the thick fabric of their pants. He buries his face in Yuri’s black hair as Yuri kisses the soft skin where his shoulder meet his neck. Victor groans and rubs his hips against Yuri’s, relishing in even the dull sense of friction.

Hands wander up Yuri’s shirt, and soon the fabric is discarded. Victor’s is gone as well, and they each take a moment to look at each other, hands running over exposed chests and shoulders. They’d given each other hand jobs before, but they’d never been fully naked in front of each other. The idea that they soon will be totally exposed to each other stirs up a complex of emotions inside Yuri. He is yanked out of these thoughts by the exquisite sensation of Victor’s fingers moving over his nipples. A sweet moan escapes from his lips and he lifts his legs to wrap them around Victor’s waist.

Soon Victor is moving downwards along his body, smiling mischievously up at Yuri as he snaps open the button of Yuri’s pants. Soon they have been pulled off, and Yuri reaches to rub Victor’s buldge through his pants before unbuttoning them and pulling them off. They resume their earlier position, Victor nestled between Yuri’s legs, now with only the thin layer of their boxers separating them. It is barely any fabric between them, but it is too much. It doesn’t take long for those to be removed as well. Victor props himself up on his hands and looks down at Yuri, taking in the sight of his naked form. Yuri lets his own eyes slide over the muscular lines of Victor’s form. Their bodies are different, but they complement each other. They are both lean muscle, graceful and strong.

“You can still say no any time you want to.” Victor whispers sweetly into Yuri’s ear. Yuri responds by kissing Victor with feverish intensity.

“Fuck me.” He whispers into the coach’s ear.

Victor groans at the words and pushes himself up, leaning over so he can reach the nightstand. He must have put the supplies they would need there. Yuri has the endearing mental image of Victor getting everything prepared, ensuring it would all go smoothly.  

“I’m going to use my fingers first.” Victor says quietly, coating the fingers of his right hand which a generous amount of the lubricant he had retrieved. Slowly, he leans back between Yuri’s legs, using his left hand to guide Yuri’s hips higher and further apart. He pushes gently at the entrance, knowing that patience is crucial here.

Yuri watches Victor with his face flushed, nervously anticipating how the touch will feel. When Victor’s finger presses into him, Yuri grits his teeth at the feel of it. It isn’t what he expected. He knew it might hurt, and it does, but it feels strange besides that.

“Relax, sweetheart.” Victor whispers, his eyes watching him closely and wide with concern.

“It feels weird.” Yuri says through clenched teeth.

“Should I stop?” Victor stills his movements.

“No.” Yuri says breathlessly. Yes, it feels weird, but he knows it will feel good if he is patient. He wants to go through with this.

Their eyes are locked together, Yuri’s expression changing as the sensation shifts, moving from discomfort and pain to something more pleasurable. He moves his hands from where they’d been bunched in the sheets to grab onto Victor’s shoulders. Victor makes a sound of pleasure and begins to suck on Yuri’s neck, adding another finger inside of him. Yuri adjusts to this one more quickly, and soon Victor begins to prepare him in earnest, scissoring his fingers and then adding a third. Yuri closes his eyes, relishing in the motion, until Victor withdraws his fingers and reaches over again.

“Yuri.” He whispers, staring down into Yuri’s eyes with a condom in his hand. “Can I….”

Yuri answers by bucking his hips, rubbing himself against Victor’s erection. Victor shivers and quickly rolls on the condom. He positions himself at Yuri’s entrance, using one hand to grip Yuri’s thigh and the other to guide himself in. He breathes heavily over Yuri, his eyes wide as he watches the skater’s reaction. Yuri closes his eyes against the sensation and digs his fingers into Victor’s naked back. Victor presses his lips against Yuri’s neck as he slowly pushes forward.

The feeling is uncomfortable, at first, but before long Yuri is moaning and arching his back to deepen the thrusts. Victor changes his position so he can push in harder, his arms wrapped around Yuri, their tongues pressing into each other’s mouths. Yuri has been thinking of this since he had first seen Victor naked in the onsen. He had thought of it so many times after heated nights of kisses and hands, when the strain he would have to put his body under in training prevented him from letting VIctor inside him. Knowing he’d been waiting for this so long heightens the sensation, and soon he finds himself closer to the edge than he’d expected.

He calls Victor’s name over and over against the pale skin of his throat.

“T-touch me.” He cries out as the pleasure grows even stronger.

Victor arches his back, pounding harder into Yuri, and wraps a hand around his dick. Yuri watches as Victor’s face changes, becoming more and more wrapped in pleasure. He switches to Russian, the unfamiliar syllables sounding unbelievably sexy.

“I’m c-coming!” Yuri whispers, digging his nails into Victor’s skin, relishing in feeling Victor come inside of him as his own climax hits and he rides the wave of it into nothingness and joy.

Once they have both finished, Victor slumps on top of Yuri. The lean weight of him is comforting and his silver hair falls against Yuri’s face. He is still inside Yuri, and Yuri keeps his arms around him as they catch their breath.

“I love you.” Yuri whispers.

Victor pushes up, looking down into Yuri’s face. His cheeks are flushed and glowing, and the smile that begins to grow over his face is endearing.

“Ya lyublyu tebya.”

Yuri doesn’t know any Russian, but he knows what that means. He pulls Victor against him again, planning to never let him go.

Daily Prompt: Renewal

via Daily Prompt: Renewal

Hey everyone! For the tenth day of my twelve days of Yule, I responded to this prompt: Renewal. Here’s what I came up with! Let me know what you think by commenting below or shooting me an email at krmorrighan@gmail.com.

Kyle stares out over the ashes of the town, watching the fathers weep and the mothers helplessly shake the corpses of their dead children. The air reeks of burning flesh and the bitter tang of magical fire. He looks over to his right, where Vincent sits in the grass sharpening his sword. He hadn’t needed to clean it, there’d been no blood on it. His grey eyes scan the sky, as if the dragon would simply reappear and destroy everything it left behind. Kyle wishes very suddenly and very painfully that Vincent was out of his armor so Kyle could embrace him and feel the warmth of his body, perhaps it would bring him some semblance of comfort in this horrid situation.

“If the archers had been able to bring it down, then I would have been able to kill it.” Vincent mutters, not looking up from his sword.

Kyle looks over at him. “They filled it with arrows, but they couldn’t injure it.”

“I know that!” Vincent says harshly, shooting a severe glare over at Kyle.

Kyle looks over at him, stunned by the coarse tone in his voice. He wants to reach out and grab Vincent, feel him reassure their love in the wake of this.

But Vincent just shoves his sword into his sheath and stands, marching away into the burned remains of the village. Kyle had used his hydromancy to put out most of the fires, but he was the only warlock in the village and many of them had gotten away from him and burned too long, ruining houses and shops all through the village.

Kyle looks out over the village and hears the discord of sadness. He still has energy left, even after putting out all those fires. He wants to give the village something so they will never face a tragedy like this again, or at least some sign of hope to renew their spirits.


Later, when the sun has set and the bodies have been buried, Kyle walks back into the village. He is scared how they will look when they see him. He had let them down. If he was stronger or faster, he could have saved more of their village from the dragon’s fire. As he approaches the village center, the gathered people turn to watch his approach. There is no disappointment on their faces, only sadness.

In the center of the village stands Vincent. He has removed his armor, probably flung it all over their room in the way that always makes Kyle mad. He reaches for Kyle and the warlock takes his hand, allowing himself to be drawn into Vincent’s arms. He relishes in the feeling of the hug. It is an apology and comfort. After a few moments of the embrace, Kyle pushes against Vincent’s chest to break free of his arms. He steps towards the center of the village and asks everyone to step back. He takes a deep breath, connecting to the water he can feel deep within the earth and the puddles that still cover the village from his earlier work putting out fire. He exhales sharply through his nose and moves his arms in quick, fluid motions. His work is done quickly, but he stands still for a while before opening his eyes, looking to see what he has made. A pool stands in the middle of the village, surrounded by round stones he had carried up with the water. The villagers look at it curiously, and Vincent rushes forward to catch him as his knees buckle from the amount of energy he’s expended. The villagers around them all whisper as they watch the pool, some sounding impressed but most saying nothing.

“It’s beautiful.” Vincent mutters into his ear.

He is being kind. Kyle shakes his head weakly. “Just wait.”

Seconds after the words leave his mouth, the pool bubbles and a stream of water shoots out. Kyle watches the faces of the villagers through the haze of exhaustion as they crane their necks to watch the torrent shoot upwards. The drops of water dance and shimmer in the air, falling slowly to the earth.



Character Development

Hey everyone! Today is the eighth day of my “12 Days of Yule” event. I’ve had a lot of fun brainstorming new ideas for each day! Today has been incredibly hectic (my sister just arrived with her three young kids, so I’ve been on baby duty today). Now that they’re in bed and everything is cleaned up, I have some time to post something for day 8! It took me some time to brainstorm and write this all out, so I’m sorry this is coming out late at night! Since I didn’t have much time to prepare, I thought I would go through one of my favorite character development exercises as a two-for-one demo. Not only is this one of my favorite ways of developing characters, but it will also give a preview of the main character of the story I’m working on right now that I will release after Pull (as yet untitled and for the most part unwritten). I don’t remember exactly where I found out about this exercise, or if this is a modification of the original, but I really enjoy it and use it a lot. Basically, you write out five (or more!) truths and five (or more!) lies about your character. While it may seem like the lies are easier, they are actually much harder. Sure, you could just write a lie like “This character is a frog” but that’s not very constructive. Personally, I like to think about a lie that the character would tell about themselves. I like to make up relatively random ones and then imagine the backstory that lies behind them!

Some basic details about the story I’m writing. The main character is named Josiah. He comes from the Low-World, which is essentially the earth itself (without any of our modern technology). He is taken to the Cyberplane (a large metal plate the size of half the earth which floats in the sky far above the ground) to be a pleasure-slave in the Cyberlord’s (equivalent to a king) palace.



  1. From a young age, Josiah was trained in the sensual arts: dance, massage, and the harp.
  2. Josiah was taken to work for the Cyberpalace at the age of four when his parents died.
  3. Josiah’s favorite time of day is the dawn, though he is rarely awake to see it.
  4. Josiah loves to draw and sketches whenever he can, which is rare.
  5. Josiah has a birthmark the shape of an apple on his right hip.


  1. Josiah does not remember his parents.
  2. Josiah hates his life in the Cyberpalace.
  3. Josiah knows that, once the Cyberlord tires of him, he will be able to find a happy relationship and eventually even be able to really make love.
  4. Josiah absolutely loves oranges. Can’t get enough of ’em.
  5. Josiah would never want to pursue anything other than the sensual arts he has studied all his life to please the Cyberlord

Making Time to Write

We’ve all heard it, and probably have thought it ourselves dozens of times: I would love to write a book/story/blog, I just don’t have the time!

Unfortunately, if that is your mentality, you’ll never find the time. Writing is rarely about finding time or having time. In my experience at least, writing is about making time. Writing a story is a full-time job in many ways. It’s not a matter of simply finding an hour once and a while, sitting down, and writing away. It can be done that way, but writing will be much slower and more difficult than it needs to be. True writing consumes your mind. When I’m in the midst of writing a story, I catch myself thinking about it in the car and the shower. I’m pulling out my phone in random situations to jot down an inspired thought that arose from the back of mind. I write and edit while others are spending time together. I write while watching TV. I edit google docs on my phone on the bus.

Part of the reason I started this blog is because it motivates me to create content regularly. Every type of content I publish on this blog helps me become a better writer. Regardless of the size of my “fanbase,” releasing serial installments of my stories makes me write daily.

Of course, my methods are my own. I’d rather spend time alone writing than out with others. My mind naturally spends a lot of time inside itself, examining and mulling over thoughts and ideas. The main idea is to find what works for you. You have to love writing if you really want to dedicate yourself to it. You need to be willing to find ways to incorporate it into your life as much as possible, or you simply won’t reach your full potential. Think about all the spaces in life you can fill with writing! Find something you love to write, regardless of how unusual it is. There are many reasons why I write M/M erotica and romance, but the main reason is because I love writing it. Love writing, and make it a part of your life.

How do you make time for writing in your busy schedule? Comment or email (krmorrighan@gmail.com)!

5 Gay Movies to Keep You Warm This Winter!

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! So today, rather than anything related to my writing, I thought I would recommend some of my favorite gay movies that are easily available on Netflix or other places online. I need background noise while I write, so I often watch movies like these while I’m writing (most people think this is weird. Anyone else like this out there?). Consequently I’ve seen most of the ones on this list (and many others) about a dozen times. Hope you enjoy!

1. The Normal Heart: Available online through HBO. Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer star in this heartfelt story about the onset of AIDS and the issues the gay community had when fighting the disease. It doesn’t have a happy ending, but it has a huge amount of heart and emotion. It is based on true events, so I was very interested in the description of the “gay politics” which had been so focused on free love that the idea of restricting sexual practices to protect from disease was abhorrent. If you are ready to snuggle up and shed some tears, I would recommend this movie!

2. Holding the Man: Available on Netflix. This movie covers several years of time, following mainly two young men as they work out their relationship and deal with their sexuality. It’s also set in Australia, which makes this movie stand out more. This movie also ends up dealing with the AIDS epidemic, and also has a very emotional and unhappy ending. If you want to have your heartstrings tugged out again after The Normal Heart than I would totally reccomend this!

3. Those People: Available on Netflix. This is a dramatic story about moving on and finding love. The main characters are young adults living in New York City who spend most of their time with their particularly wealthy friend. This gives the story a unique tone. This definitely has a happy ending as well as a really sweet depiction of the relationship between the main characters. 

4. I Love You Phillip Morris: A totally goofy story about two men who meet in prison (Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor). Jim Carrey’s character is essentially a master conartist and gets himself in all sorts of trouble with his scheming.This movie is incredibly entertaining and I love seeing these actors in these roles which are very different for them. This is a really fun and wacky film which I totally reccomend.

5. Front Cover: Available on Netflix. This film is about a Chinese-American fashion designer and a Chinese actor who form a relationship where culture clash plays a really large role. I wouldn’t necessarily give this film 5 stars for acting, but I was fascinated by the cultural ideas and themes. Although its focused around a relationship, the development of the American character really ends up being the main theme of the film. From that perspective, I think the ending is very rewarding. 

I hope you enjoy these if you decide to check any of them out! Do you have any LGBTQ favorite films that weren’t on this list? Comment below or email me at krmorrighan@gmail.com