About My Site

Thank you for expressing interest in my site and in my writing.

I am writing under the name K. R. Morrighan. I am a college student who has always been a writer of fantasy novels, but I have recently found myself passionate about infusing these fantasy novels with romantic and mature elements to create an experience which is both immersive and pleasurable. My writing ranges anywhere from urban fantasy, to a science fiction focus, to traditional high fantasy (All, of course, incorporating elements of romance and erotica). As different as each story will be, all of my writing will feature mature content. I would recommend this site only to readers who are seventeen or older.

In addition to publishing my own stories, I will also be reviewing others’ works and posting some of my thoughts about writing in general.

Stories will be released serially in short installments. Feel free to follow this blog so you get updates whenever new content is added.


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