Hi everybody! I’ve been having technical difficulties that have prevented me from posting the next chapter of Pull as well as my review. However, it looks like all those issues should be resolved soon, and I’ll be on to a normal schedule of reviews on Mondays, flash fiction on Wednesdays, and Pull updates on Friday!

This very short story is inspired by today’s daily prompt: Jiggle. I loved this prompt because it inspired me to write something I wouldn’t normally want to write! I also have been feeling some interest in writing something about women, rather than men, and this seemed like a great opportunity to combine them.

The following story contains mentions of body image issues that some people might find triggering.


Jill comes up behind her, wrapping delicate arms around her waist. Tessa hadn’t heard her girlfriend wake up. If she had, she would have thrown a bathrobe over her freshly washed body and hidden the fact that she’d been staring at herself in the mirror.

The soft fabrics of Jill’s tank top and sleep shorts press into Tessa’s exposed skin. Tessa is tall, and Jill has to crane her head, tousled red hair and all, around Tessa’s arm to look into the mirror.

“Mornin’, sunshine.” Jill smiles and runs a hand up Tessa’s body into the yellow hair curling around her shoulders. Tessa can’t help but try to pull away from her touch. For all their flaws and the ups and downs they’ve had, Jill knows Tessa better than she knows herself.

“One of those days?” She says quietly, pulling back and standing in front of Tessa, blocking her view in the mirror.

Tessa turns away angrily, goes to grab something to cover herself. Jill grabs her wrist.

“How can you love me?” Tessa asks quietly, though she doesn’t look at her girlfriend or try to pull away from her grasp. “How can you want to touch me, when I look like this? When I…jiggle like this?” With her free hand she gestures vaguely at the weight around her midsection.

Jill’s thin, but it’s all lean muscle. Tessa sees the hours of running and yoga that go into crafting Jill’s body. She’s seen the dedication that Jill has, the kind that she’ll never get close to having herself. She’s stuck with this body, this inferiority.

Jill uses her strength to pull Tessa in towards her.

“You are the love of my life, sunshine, and you’re beautiful.”

Tessa keeps her eyes fixed on the ground.

Jill squeezes Tessa’s hands.

“I think I know what could make you feel better.” She murmurs lowly, looking up through her lashes and pulling Tessa towards the bed. “I’ll show you how much I love you…every part of you.”

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