Fanfic Friday

Happy Friday!

Today will be my last Fanfic Friday for the foreseeable future. As you may know, I’ll soon return to university in order to obtain my second degree! I also want to spend more time on the freelancing services I offer (editing and ghostwriting) which you can view on .

My weekly updates of my original fiction will be pushed to every other week, but I will be starting video reviews of my favorite MxM (male x male) sci-fi/fantasy romance stories! These videos will be available here as well as on my soon-to-be created Youtube channel! Stay posted!

This is the last part of my three-part fanfiction based on Avatar: The Last Airbender

Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content.


Part 3: Envision

Zuko’s hands are warm on Jet’s face. Jet lets his eyes flutter closed and leans into one of them gently, feeling the calluses on the underside of Jet’s knuckles. His eyes open gently, meaning to move his gaze up to Zuko’s golden eyes. As he looks, however, he finds his gaze stuck on the rumpled sheets of the bedding. Reacting without thinking, Jet pushes him firmly away.

Zuko’s golden eyes are wide as he stares of Jet. His hands are frozen in front of him, cupped around some phantom of Jet’s cheeks.

Jet finds his chest heaving and takes several steadying breaths.

“Sokka invited me to go with him when he leaves.”

He sees the breath rush out of Zuko as he stumbles back a step. “What?”

“I don’t love him.” Jet hurries to get the words out. Then he wishes he hadn’t. He’d pretty much destroyed most of the leverage he’d had over the situation; Zuko will never be jealous now.

“I love you.” Jet breathes, unable to keep himself from saying it. “I want to stay here, but I don’t know how it will be for me here. There, I know how it will be. With him, it will be…less,” he doesn’t know any other way to describe what it would be like to be with someone else, “but I won’t be neglected.”

Zuko flinches. He sits on the edge of the bed and puts his hands into his face.

“Jet I haven’t…I didn’t…” he takes a steadying breath. “I’m sorry you feel like I neglected you. I’m sorry I don’t have an excuse for,” he pauses, coming to terms with the meaning of the words, “ignoring you all this time. I need to make this convincing Jet. I couldn’t just marry her and run off with you the next day.”

Jet crosses his arms and comes to stand in front of Zuko, looking down at the Firelord where he sits on his bed.

“What if I choose to stay?” He notices that his tone comes out angry but can’t help it. Zuko should be the one asking, no, begging him to stay. He should be making a dozen offers to keep him here.

Zuko looks up at him, his features open as if surprised. Had he really not expected to hear those words from Jet?

“I would do anything.” He whispers hoarsely.

“Would you tell your wife about us?”

Zuko pales, although it’s barely distinguishable with his fair complexion, and rockets to his feet. He stands just inches from Jet, the bed at his back. If this were a simpler conversation or an easier argument, Jet would have simply pushed him back onto the blankets and melted away all his anger and concern.

“Why would I-”

“Tell her about us.” Jet’s tone is firm. “Find out if she’ll be understanding, and then tell her. If we don’t, she’ll be the first to find out, you can guarantee that.”

“There’s no way she’d agree to be my wife knowing that I…that I love another.”

Jet shrugs. “Who knows? It was an arranged marriage for her as well. Maybe she has someone else, someone she would like the freedom to visit without you minding.”

Zuko frowns deeply. Jet watches as anger and jealousy fill him at the idea of her having another, before he realizes the innate hypocrisy of this and shoves his feelings down.

“But…a child.” The Firelord mutters, fixing his golden gaze on Jet’s.

Jet presses his lips into a firm line. “Yes. I know. It can’t be helped. You’ll have to fuck her sometimes to put children in her. I’ll try not to get jealous.”

When Jet says the word fuck Zuko’s eyes flick nervously in the direction of the bed before he refocuses them on Jet.

“Will this work?” He asks quietly. He sounds insecure, like he did when he was younger. Jet suddenly finds it very easy to imagine him newly coronated, looking out over a kingdom his father had nearly destroyed that he somehow must rule.

Jet thinks of Zuko raising children with his wife, and the way they will look like both of them and be firebenders like both of them are. He thinks of spending his whole life in the shadows, on the fringes, first only in Zuko’s heart until maybe one day he isn’t anymore.

But then he thinks of spending those frigid nights in the rural Southern Water Tribe, fucking Sokka under animal skins to try and keep warm. He thinks of staring out to where the grey water meets the grey sky and wondering what it would have been like if he’d stayed in the Firenation.

“I don’t know.” Jet says quietly. “I don’t know it it will work.”

Zuko doesn’t speak for a few moments, his eyes flickering over Jet’s body.

“Do you want to try?” He asks.

Jet smiles and takes a step forward, closing the gap between them. He brings his hands to circle Zuko’s waist and draws him in, bringing their lips together slowly.

There are a hundred unanswered questions between them, and half again as many wounds that have yet to heal. Still, Zuko winds his hands into Jet’s hair and kisses him back. It isn’t sweet, or chaste. The kiss is all hot desperation and clutching need, making up for too many days apart all at once. It seems instant that they are on the bed, Jet’s chest heavy on Zuko’s with a knee between his slender thighs. Zuko’s hands slide under his shirt, pulling it off and almost tearing it in his haste. His hands move over Jet’s chest, trail up his spine. Jet moans into his mouth, tugging at the belt that holds Zuko’s robes together. He isn’t wearing his full Firelord uniform, but it’s still quite a big of clothing. The outer robe falls away from him to expose the shirt and pants he wears underneath. Jet yanks the pants down first, then pulls the shirt off.

Zuko pushes him over so he’s on top. Though he’s wearing just his underwear, Jet still has his pants on. The sensation of Zuko rubbing against him is dulled by the extra layer of fabric, and Jet reaches between them frantically to pull them off. They rush it and he still has a pant leg wrapped around an ankle as Zuko straddles him, rubbing their dicks together through the fabric. Jet wraps his arms around Zuko’s shoulders and reaches up to suck at the spot just under his ear, where his neck meets his jaw. He can’t help but give a low, growl-like laugh at the sound the Firelord makes. If only his royal advisors knew how lewd their leader could be after finding his sensitive spot. Their lips meet again and Zuko pulls Jet up so he’s sitting with Zuko in his lap. The angle heightens Jet’s desire, and he snarls as he pushes them over so he’s on top of Zuko again, their feet pushing against the pillows at the head of the bed.

Jet stands, moves to the nightstand where Zuko keeps the oils they use. He can’t help wondering what his new wife would think if she found them there. Would she know what they were for? Spread them over her skin, thinking they were made for beating the dry skin the hot weather causes?

No. Jet closes his eyes. He squeezes the bottle in one hand and uses the other to pull off his underwear. Zuko’s wife isn’t here. It’s just the two of them, just this. Zuko pulls his own underwear off. Jet’s eyes move down to his cock, long and proud between his legs. He crawls over the bed, pulling Zuko’s legs apart wide. Zuko murmurs some obscenities as he reaches his hand between Jet’s legs, pulling on him.

Jet moans at the sensation, his hands shaky and his pours oil into his palm and uses it to coat his fingers. He passes it to Zuko, who pours some into his hand as well before returning his hand to Jet’s cock. Jet presses a finger into Zuko, who moans at the feeling. He adds more, slowly, closing his eyes at the familiarity of all this. They’ve done it, just like this and so many other ways, hundreds of times but he knows he will never grow tired of it.

Then, finally, after a careful look and a nod, Jet moves into him. Zuko doesn’t muffle his cry. Jet is slow at first, accomodating, but soon Zuko begins to push against him and urge him to thrust harder, faster. Jet obliges, pushing himself faster and deeper until the world begins to blur and there is only the man he loves in his arms and his imaginings of all the things they will do together.


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