Fanfic Friday

The weekend has started! Enjoy this new piece of fanfic, a continuation of last week’s piece based on Jet, Zuko, and Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. (I know, it’s incredibly nerdy…and still not the nerdiest thing I’ve done!)


Part 2: Seen

Jet wakes up with the sun shining in the window and into his eyes. Zuko always leaves the curtains open. The fire inside him means he likes to rise with the sun. Jet grumbles something, turning over and pulling the blankets over his head. His eyes slightly open, he sees the person next to him is not Zuko. Memories crowd their way into his mind as he sits up. He looks over at Sokka, who seems sleeping soundly. He’s ripped all the covers off, doubtless hot in this climate, and every inch of his brown skin is exposed. Jet stands from the bed quickly and then glances over at Sokka, but he simply mumbles something sleepily about food and shifts slightly.

Shakily, Jet moves towards the window. He looks out over the palace gardens, beautiful fields of orange and yellow flowers. He thinks of Zuko’s rooms. He is there waking up next to his new wife. The thought of it makes Jet’s stomach clench. How many times had Zuko fucked her the night before? With a vicious twist of his mouth Jet has a fleeting hope that Zuko had been unable to get it up for her supple curves, craving Jet’s lean muscle.

Jet dresses himself quietly and stands uncertainly at the foot of the bed. Should he leave, quietly, before Sokka wakes up? And do what? Return to the silence of his room to attend to his meager amounts of bullshit duties? Without meaning to, he sits on the end of the bed and curls into himself. He hadn’t thought past his sadness and anger at Zuko’s marriage. He hadn’t thought about his own role here. What will he be, now that his place by Zuko’s side is gone? Will they be forced to keep pretending to be friends, never having a private moment together?

“Good morning” Jet tenses at the sound of Sokka’s sleepy voice. He takes a deep breath and looks over his shoulder. Sokka’s brown hair is down. Jet has a hazy memory of yanking out the tie that usually holds it up, making Sokka hiss and dig teeth into his neck.

The memory makes Jet jerk away from the bed as if it was burning hot.

“I’m…leaving.” He whispers, not making any sort of excuse. Sokka says nothing as Jet wrestles to get his clothes on and storms out the door.

In the hallway, Jet leans back against the black stone of the wall and closes his eyes. Thanks to the lightning-quick metabolism that kept him scrawny like a teenager, he barely has a hangover. A headache is beginning to form behind his eyelids, but he’s not sure it’s from the alcohol. He doesn’t know what lies for him on the other side of this wedding, outside of Sokka’s room, he only knows that he wouldn’t have been able to stand a single second longer in that room under Sokka’s gaze. He stays like that, leaning back against the wall, for an extended amount of time before pushing himself up and shuffling down the hallway back to his rooms.


Turns out that escaping Sokka wasn’t going to be that easy. Jet had not been informed that the Avatar and his friends would be staying for two weeks. He spent days after the wedding avoiding Sokka. He’d sulked in his room and waited for Zuko to come and apologize and beg for his carnal attentions. When Zuko didn’t come, he started to venture out from his room more. Without realizing it, he kept putting himself in Sokka’s way. All it took was one look, one muttered admission from Jet that he wasn’t going to talk about it but wants to do it again. And again. And again. And every day since then.

So, here they are, nine days after Zuko’s wedding. They’re in the room off of Jet’s bedroom, the office where he is supposed to work on all the paperwork he never has. Bent over the desk is Jet, his short nails scraping against the wooden surface. Behind him, Sokka pounds into him furiously. He is bent over Jet, growling into his ear and nipping at the soft skin at his neck. Jet hisses and reaches a hand back to grab Sokka’s ass, pushing him in harder and faster. Sokka snarls as his thrusts become erratic. He reaches down and grab Jet in his hand, stroking him.

Jet doesn’t hear the door open, but he sees the motion. He tries to turn around, pushing against Sokka, but pleasure makes Sokka slow to react. Sokka is still inside of him when the door pushes all the way open, revealing the Firelord standing in the doorway.

“No.” Jet whispers.

“Jet?” The Firelord’s voice is uncharacteristically weak and thin.

“Zuko…wait.” Jet scrambles away from Sokka over the desk, still trembling with pleasure. He’s aware of the fact that he’s still erect, hears Sokka climaxing just as he pulls away and coming onto the dark wood of the desk.

Zuko says nothing, but his face resolves from his initial look of shock to hard anger, and Jet stops short before he can reach him. The Firelord pulls the door shut, and Jet hears the sound of his footsteps retreating away.

For a few moments, there is no sound except the deep breathing of Jet and Sokka, heartbeats still elevated from sex. Jets stays frozen a few feet from the door. Eventually, he hears Sokka slide his pants back on and move around the desk towards him.

“Are you okay?” He asks quietly. He hands Jet a bundle of fabric which he realizes are his pants. He draws them on slowly and shakes his head without looking at Sokka. Slowly, hesitantly, Sokka reaches out towards him and wraps his arms around Jet. Jet lets himself be held, though Sokka isn’t the one he wants comforting him right now.

“You don’t deserve this.” Sokka’s voice is husky in his ear.

He pulls away slightly, putting his hand under Jet’s chin and angling his face upwards.

“When I leave, will you come with me? Nobody in the Tribe will care if I love you instead of some woman. They aren’t ruled by all the codes of law and honor that run the lives of the people here.”

“What about….won’t you want children?” That was ultimately the matter that had separated Jet and Zuko, after all.

Sokka shrugs. “Katara and Aang will doubtless produce at least one waterbender. It’d be better if that child takes my place.”

Jet pushes away and crosses his arms. “I don’t know, Sokka.” How can he make that choice? He can either stay here, within an arm’s reach of true love without ever really having it, or he can leave and accept this, this whatever it is that he has with Sokka. It’s not love, it’s something that burns less intensely than that. But if the choice is nothing or this lukewarm whatever-it-is that he has now with Sokka, he knows he’d be happier in the Water Tribe.


He has to talk to Zuko. He knows it, but he puts it off for two more days. He probably would have put it off forever, but Sokka approached him for the first time since Zuko saw them and pointed out that there’s only three days until he leaves. Jet needs to make a choice soon. He has to tell Zuko what Sokka has offered, and make it clear that he will leave if Zuko no longer has anything to offer him.

Jet hovers in the hallway around a corner from Zuko’s chambers. Will Zuko let him in? What will Zuko say when he tells him about why he’s slept with Sokka, and what Sokka has offered him? He can’t fight back the question that flutters in his mind and puts his stomach in knots: What will Jet be to Zuko now?

He was never this scared before a battle. Well, he was, especially when he was young (a child, really, he understands now), but not in the same way he is now. He takes a steadying breath and turns the corner. The guards on either side of the door eye him warily.

“The Firelord is resting.” One of them says.

“I need to see him. Official business.” Jet lies.

The guard glances at the other, but there is no hesitation in his reply. “He’s told us not to allow you in.”

“Me, specifically?” Jet frowns.

“Yes.” The guard answers coldly.

Jet sighs, begins to turn and walk away, and spins back before charging the door. The guards reach for him before he can quite reach it, but he manages to land a solid kick against the wood. He fights against the guards but they are stronger than him. He is successful only in making a lot of noise.

“Zuko!” He shouts desperately. “Let me in, please! Zuko!”

The guards toss him to the floor.

“Get out of here.” One of them growls.

Then, the door opens. Jet scrambles to his feet. The door is only open a sliver, but he can see one of Zuko’s golden eyes through the gap.

“Let him in.” His voice is quiet, but carries with the royal authority that he always bears.

The guards hesitate, but do not disobey the order. They stand aside and Jet moves past them. The door opens more widely, just enough for Jet to slip in. Jet steps through it into the Firelord’s chambers and closes it behind him. The room is large, the bed covered in dark red sheets with a red canopy shrouding it. Jet can’t help standing still, looking at the bed. There he and Zuko had explored each other, been inside each other. There the Firelord and his new wife had doubtless tumbled in the sheets every day since their wedding.

Jet turns his gaze to Zuko, standing on the opposite end of the room facing away from him. The angle of his shoulders is tense and Jet can see tightness in the back of his neck, exposed from the way he wears his long hair pulled up.

“Where’s your wife?” Jet says bitterly.

Zuko doesn’t turn around. “She has business to handle today.”

Jet can feel a hundred sharp insults waiting on his tongue, words about how she must have left to get away from his groping attentions. He doesn’t say them. He can’t quite bring himself to when he sees the tightness in Zuko’s body, even after everything that has happened.

“Why did you let me in?” Jet asks. Zuko’s intention seems to be to stand away from him without looking at him, in which case he might as well have left Jet outside.

Zuko turns quickly to face him. Jet can see his eyes flash.

“I can’t believe you…why did you…” He stutters through his anger, unable to find words. In a moment of rage he tosses a fireball to the floor which dissipates instantly.

Jet shuffles back a few steps, eyes wide.

“Zuko you…you didn’t talk to me at all after your wedding. You didn’t even look at me once during the ceremony. You looked so happy…” Jet trails off, his voice breaking with all the things he feels.

Zuko takes several quick steps towards him and grabs him by the upper arms. Jet starts but doesn’t really struggle.

“You think that was real happiness that I felt with her? You think it’s easy for me, having her in my bed?” Zuko shakes his head. “It was torture for me, knowing you were there during the whole wedding. If I’d looked at you, if I’d seen the look I knew you had on your face, I would have called the whole thing off. And….I couldn’t do that.”

He moves his hands up to cradle Jet’s face. Wide-eyed, Jet watches him.

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