Character Development

Hey everyone! Today is the eighth day of my “12 Days of Yule” event. I’ve had a lot of fun brainstorming new ideas for each day! Today has been incredibly hectic (my sister just arrived with her three young kids, so I’ve been on baby duty today). Now that they’re in bed and everything is cleaned up, I have some time to post something for day 8! It took me some time to brainstorm and write this all out, so I’m sorry this is coming out late at night! Since I didn’t have much time to prepare, I thought I would go through one of my favorite character development exercises as a two-for-one demo. Not only is this one of my favorite ways of developing characters, but it will also give a preview of the main character of the story I’m working on right now that I will release after Pull (as yet untitled and for the most part unwritten). I don’t remember exactly where I found out about this exercise, or if this is a modification of the original, but I really enjoy it and use it a lot. Basically, you write out five (or more!) truths and five (or more!) lies about your character. While it may seem like the lies are easier, they are actually much harder. Sure, you could just write a lie like “This character is a frog” but that’s not very constructive. Personally, I like to think about a lie that the character would tell about themselves. I like to make up relatively random ones and then imagine the backstory that lies behind them!

Some basic details about the story I’m writing. The main character is named Josiah. He comes from the Low-World, which is essentially the earth itself (without any of our modern technology). He is taken to the Cyberplane (a large metal plate the size of half the earth which floats in the sky far above the ground) to be a pleasure-slave in the Cyberlord’s (equivalent to a king) palace.



  1. From a young age, Josiah was trained in the sensual arts: dance, massage, and the harp.
  2. Josiah was taken to work for the Cyberpalace at the age of four when his parents died.
  3. Josiah’s favorite time of day is the dawn, though he is rarely awake to see it.
  4. Josiah loves to draw and sketches whenever he can, which is rare.
  5. Josiah has a birthmark the shape of an apple on his right hip.


  1. Josiah does not remember his parents.
  2. Josiah hates his life in the Cyberpalace.
  3. Josiah knows that, once the Cyberlord tires of him, he will be able to find a happy relationship and eventually even be able to really make love.
  4. Josiah absolutely loves oranges. Can’t get enough of ’em.
  5. Josiah would never want to pursue anything other than the sensual arts he has studied all his life to please the Cyberlord

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