Making Time to Write

We’ve all heard it, and probably have thought it ourselves dozens of times: I would love to write a book/story/blog, I just don’t have the time!

Unfortunately, if that is your mentality, you’ll never find the time. Writing is rarely about finding time or having time. In my experience at least, writing is about making time. Writing a story is a full-time job in many ways. It’s not a matter of simply finding an hour once and a while, sitting down, and writing away. It can be done that way, but writing will be much slower and more difficult than it needs to be. True writing consumes your mind. When I’m in the midst of writing a story, I catch myself thinking about it in the car and the shower. I’m pulling out my phone in random situations to jot down an inspired thought that arose from the back of mind. I write and edit while others are spending time together. I write while watching TV. I edit google docs on my phone on the bus.

Part of the reason I started this blog is because it motivates me to create content regularly. Every type of content I publish on this blog helps me become a better writer. Regardless of the size of my “fanbase,” releasing serial installments of my stories makes me write daily.

Of course, my methods are my own. I’d rather spend time alone writing than out with others. My mind naturally spends a lot of time inside itself, examining and mulling over thoughts and ideas. The main idea is to find what works for you. You have to love writing if you really want to dedicate yourself to it. You need to be willing to find ways to incorporate it into your life as much as possible, or you simply won’t reach your full potential. Think about all the spaces in life you can fill with writing! Find something you love to write, regardless of how unusual it is. There are many reasons why I write M/M erotica and romance, but the main reason is because I love writing it. Love writing, and make it a part of your life.

How do you make time for writing in your busy schedule? Comment or email (!

3 thoughts on “Making Time to Write

  1. Many people have their own lucky charm, so to speak, for writing. Stephen King swore by Berol pencils for a long time; Mary Higgins Clark would get up very, very early to fit in time for writing. Myself, I like using the app Google Keep. Anything I write, I can send directly to Drive for further editing. I also only write when I really have something to say. For me, the adage of “write every day even if it’s crap” simply does not work. I’d really just rather wrote something worthwhile once in a while than bloated blah-blah-blah for no reason at all.


    1. Part of why I like having long-term projects like a serial story is because it gets me writing every day without feeling like I’m writing anything “bloated.” I have always found writing each day helpful, but that’s just me!


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