New Stuff!

Hey everyone! As my gift to you for the second day of Yule, I’ve opened up two new online goods/services! As of now, I’ll be offering my editing services online through Fiverr. I’m willing to edit any type of work, especially erotica, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, or horror. Essentially, anything that most editors generally find too “unprofessional” to edit.

You can check out my Fiverr services here!

I also have just published the first four chapters of Pull asΒ Pull Volume 1 on Amazon. This e-book will be available for only 2.99 (pretty good for a 16,000 word book!). It’s not available for purchase quite yet, but will be very soon. I will be sure to put a link up one its available!

Okay, so maybe these are actually ways for you to give meΒ money rather than me giving you a Yuletide gift, but if I’m able to make money through these revenues in the long term I will be able to spend more time on this blog and provide you with more content!

Happy Holidays and Blessed Solstice!

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