Fanfic Matters!

Hey everyone! Most people reading this probably don’t know that I’m a full-time student (earning a degree in Linguistics, I already have one in English). I’m starting my 5-week winter break so I’ll have a lot more time to write! I have a lot of things planned, including “Fanfic Fridays” (a short piece of fanfiction I’ll publish every Friday) and “100-Word Wednesday” (a piece of flash fiction every Wednesday) on top of my regular posts and story updates! I’m also planning on starting up a Youtube channel to create some reviews, publishing my works on Amazon, and starting a Fiverr profile to take editing commissions!

Too Long, Didn’t Read: There’s a lot of stuff coming up! If this is your first time on this blog, give it a follow so you don’t miss out on anything!

So today I want to talk about fanfiction. Basically, fanfiction (or fanfic) is taking the characters you know and love from one of your favorite books, TV shows, movies, etc. and inventing a story about them. I love writing fanfic because it gives me a much-needed outlet for all the thinking I do about whatever I’m watching or reading at the time. Also, I like writing smutty or romantic scenes that I didn’t get to see happen in any cannon material. The problem is that a lot of people think writing fanfic is a waste of time, because the characters and their backstories are not original. However, there areΒ a large amount of AU (Alternate Universe) fanfic which takes characters from a story and changes the setting they live in, requiring the writer to have a deep understanding of the characters and how they would interact with the environment. There are also a large amount of crossover fanfics which take characters from multiple different stories and put them all together in one situation. In my opinion all types of fanfic, but espeically AU and crossovers, require real creativity.

It’s true. There’s some awful fanfic out there. When I say awful, I mean really, truly, terrible. I think some people let that sway their opinion and view the entire fanfic genre as a waste of time. I’ve read some truly great and poetic fanfics that changed how I looked at the cannon material, and this has made me a strong supporter of writing and reading facfiction. I also think that it’s a great way to practice writing. If you have nothing else to write, write fanfiction! Maybe you’ll find that with some changes it can become your own unique story.

Just a few thoughts on why I think fanfic is awesome. Have you read any inspiring fanfics? Comment below!



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