Today I wanted to talk about a tarot card, mostly just for fun and because I don’t have any new writing ready to post. I’m a Pagan (I’m not in the broom closet – and I’m assuming if you’re following my gay erotica blog you must be pretty open-minded), but I don’t read tarot cards. Although I’ve had a few readings done, the Lovers card has never come up in any significant way in a reading of mine. Therefore, everything I’m about to say is based on the book that came with these cards. This card is from the “Sharman-Caselli” deck and the books that came with my set are by Juliet Sharman-Burke. Just to be clear, I’m not recommending books as a good way to learn how to read tarot. In my own experience working with the runes, I have found that the best way to acclimate yourself to a particular divination practice is through meditation and personal exploration, to be supplemented by reading.

SO, to get on to the point of my post today: The Lovers card, in my opinion, draws a lot of parallels with writing romance and erotica. I know, it sounds silly. It’s a card about LOVERS. Of course it draws parallels with romance! The Lovers card, however, is not necessarily about romance. It often signifies choices (this is symbolism I have found not just in Sharman-Burke’s book but in other sources). While this choice could be about romance, it doesn’t have to be. The card shown in my picture depicts a man choosing between two women. One is older and dressed in red, the color of sexual passion, the other is younger and dressed in white, the color of purity. The Lovers can represent any type of choice that we are forced to make in life, especially when that choice revolves around love.

This card reminds me of writing romance novels because these novels so often revolve around a choice. Of course there is the typical, cliche choice of “oh, who will I choose to be my lover?” but there are also a number of other choices, some not even directly related to the romance itself. A romance really gets exciting when the love isn’t easy, and the characters have very good reasons not to get involved with each other. Of course they do anyway, they choose to be together, and that’s where things get interesting (and sexy!). I find this to be even more true in stories about two men. In gay love stories, there can be a lot at stake. A character might be worried about his reputation, confused about his own sense of self, held back by past experiences, or a myriad of other things. The choice that this character makes ultimately decides a lot more in their life than whether or not they enter the relationship.

Of course, this isn’t always true, and it isn’t always necessary to make a good story. This was simply my observation and a random thought for the day!

Comment below or send me a message with any thoughts you have!

7 thoughts on “The Lovers

  1. I see the Lovers card as the merging of the masculine with the feminine side of the mind. The Tarot is Egyptian. If you look at the Rider Waite Tarot, it gives away some secrets about the sacred feminine. Nice post.


  2. Thanks. If you look at the eyes he is looking at her and she is looking up. She is on the same level as him so she can tell him what she sees. This is very ancient knowledge and of course the tarot is very ancient. 😊


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