Humans have this nasty habit of telling ourselves that anything fun or pleasurable is also a waste of time. I have been reading erotica for years and writing my whole life, but I never wanted to actually spend time writing romance and erotica in any serious way. I felt like it wasn’t productive or artistic writing. Subconsciously, I had been telling myself that since I find writing romance and erotica so enjoyable, it couldn’t be a valuable way to spend my time writing.

Then, one day, I found that writing for me was becoming difficult. In a particular story I was writing at the time, the romantic subplot had become so involved that it had really become the main plot of the story. I finally realized that I was clearly the most interested in writing about romance, so whyย shouldn’t I? I started writing Pull, made this blog, and begin to immerse myself in other works of romance.

Now, I see what an incredibly vital role writing romance and erotica plays for me in my daily life. Not only do I enjoy writing it, but the emotional intensity of romance writing has become highly therapeutic for me. In our culture, we’re often discouraged from showing our emotions, and I have often found myself desperately needing an outlet for feelings which can accumulate over time. Writing romance provides me with the opportunity to take these feelings and turn them into something productive on the page.

I also realize now that I was wrong about the lack of artistic value of romance writing. Writing romance and erotica has certainly helped me hone my writing skills, and taught me many important things about pacing the story line and creating a plot with the best balance between events within or outside of the romantic plot line.


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