Hello there! Welcome or welcome back to my blog. I’m K. R. Morrighan, and while I usually post updates of my serial romance series, with my current schedule I am only able to update every other week: So, I thought I’d take some time in between each regular update to talk a little bit about writing.

I thoroughly believe that there is no non-creative person. Even the most logical of us exercises creativity through innovative problem solving. We all need an outlet, or multiple, for our creativity. Although I have been singing all my life, I’ve also found writing as a way for me to release pent-up feelings. If you find yourself here, you might also have found that writing is a way for you to release your creativity. Writing is frustrating at times and rewarding at others, yet for me it always proves to be a method of escapism.

Personal anecdote incoming!

Almost exactly a year ago, I found myself facing a slew of health problems. I was unaware of the fact that they had been building up in the background, and to me it seemed like all this pain had come on me in one fell swoop. I’m living with it now (modern medicine is a wonderful thing) but pain is still a large factor in my life. Writing has provided a place of escape and comfort for me, even if the things I am writing about are not necessarily easy or happy topics. Expressing myself creatively helps me focus on something other than the things affecting my body, and distracts me from the things happening in the outside world which upset me. Overall, I would say that writing is what allows me to communicate my stress in a healthy and productive way. Hopefully, the results of this communication are enjoyable for others!

What has writing (or your preferred form of expression) helped you handle in your life?

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