Six High-Tech Sex Toys

Six High-Tech Sex Toys

Need some inspiration for your next smutty sci-fi novel? Maybe you’re ready to get freaky a new way? Even if you’re just curious, you’re guaranteed to be amazed by these crazy sex toys straight out of the feature. You can read the full post on Vocal media!

When we think of how technology is changing our sex lives, we normally imagine an old white man poo-pooing on modern “hook-up culture.” While it’s true that social media has changed the way we have casual sex, technology has also taken sexy toys from drab to fab.

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New Short Story!

Hey everyone! My new short story is up on Vocal Media’s subpage Filthy. Reading it on this site supports me as a writer, as I make a commission based on views. I didn’t post this story last week, so I’ll be posting twice this week to make up for it! Here’s an excerpt from the short story, titled Soldier. This particular segment is appropriate (except for language), but the full story is explicit.

“Anyway, I’m more than just a replacement by now. Sure, at first I was just comfort and companionship and maybe even just a warm body, but he and I are both the kind of people who start to feel something after a while. With us, it’s not like it was with you two. He loved you first and made love to you second. He fucked me first and then realized he might like me as more than a friend. I don’t think he ever would have let you go if I hadn’t been there. Once he realized that there are other people out there in this world to love, he was more willing to let you go.

Do you want to know what happened? Do you want to know what he did, after you disappeared on that mission six months ago?

He knocked on the door to my room, late at night. All the lights in the ship had been off for a while. I asked him later how he was able to move around so well in the complete darkness. Apparently he’d been spending most nights since you left just pacing the halls without sleeping. He’d practically memorized the whole spaceship. I asked who was there, and once I heard his name I knew what it was. He had been talking to me some about how he felt since your disappearance, and a trust was growing between us. Now that trust had finally grown deep enough for him to seek this most intimate of things. I turned the lights on as dim as possible. I opened the door for him in the dark, saw that look in his eyes I mentioned, and pulled him into my arms. He let me embrace him for so long that I actually thought for a brief moment that maybe that was all he had come for in the first place.”

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Flesh and Wires

“What are you doing here right now, anyway?” Ignatio took a few steps closer and cocked his head. “I thought-”

Cassius closed the space between them and pressed their lips together firmly. His heart was pumping in his chest, even faster than he’d expected. He had a flash of wild fantasy where he shoved everything off the desk and pushed Ignatio down onto it. Of course, if he knocked Ignatio’s computers and what-not onto the floor, he’d wind up dead rather than laid. Not in a metaphorical way, either. Ignatio would stop kissing Cassius and strangle him instead…

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Moving Forward

Moving Forward

It might not be New Year’s Day yet, but I’m making a few changes to my social media schedule, as well as my writing plans.

Today I don’t want to just keep everybody updated on my goings-on, I also want to talk about setting goals as a writer.

First, I want to talk a little about my personal goals moving forward. I have decided to put my YouTube channel on haitus. It was taking away from time I could have spent working on other projects and wasn’t receiving enough subscribers in return. I’ve also recently come across the opportunity to publish my ariticles and stories on Vocal, through their subsite Filthy which caters to adult works. Most of my articles will be published there from now on, but I will post links on here. I will receive compensation for these articles and stories based on how many views they have, so I will be extremely appreciative if you have time to give them a look!

Also, I have decided to remove my series “Pull” from Amazon. I’m going to edit it and eventually re-release it as a single title. I’m hoping to have my books published rather than self-publishing on Amazon.

Part of what got to me to make these changes is a re-evaluation of my goals as a writer and how I set goals. Creating a bullet journal was extremely helpful, as it allowed me to lay out my schedule, personal goal, writing goals, and inspiration all in one place. A bullet journal is basically a blank notebook that you turn into a planner that is personalized for your own needs and goals. I created a year page which outlined my goals for the whole year.

Then, I added a month page which highlighted major events and goals to reach within the month.

Finally, I used weekly pages to outline daily/weekly activities and goals. I also included writing prompts on certain days, inspiring quotes, and spaces to write thoughts and ideas.

What do you think your writer’s bullet journal will include? Spaces to freewrite/doodle? Tips to keep you focused and motivated? Notes on interesting things you see each day? Whatever you want! Writing might be mainly about creativity, but being able to create a plan and stick to it is just as important. You need both short-term and long-term goals to be successful. These goals should support each other. For example, in order to reach my long-term goal of 250 followers, I created a short-term goal of tweeting daily.

Writing Better Sex Scenes

Warning: This post is NSFW

If you write romance or erotica, or want to start in the genre, sex scenes either are or will become a large part of your writing life. However, writing erotica is totally unlike any other type of writing. Here are some things that I’ve learned to help start you on your journey.

How Often?

The first thing you should think about if you’re going to jump into the world of writing intimate moments is how often sex scenes will be a part of your story. One very important thing to consider when determining how often sex will come into your writing is if you want your story to be “romance” or “erotica.” Although it might seem like splitting hairs, the two genres really only differ in the amount of sex they feature between the main couple. In romance writing, the sex is optional, but can be used to supplement the plot. In erotica, sex scenes form a large part of the writing, are crucial to the plot, or significantly shape the development between the characters. I’ve seen that erotica should contain a sex scene at least every 10,000 words, though that seems too sparse for my own writing style. If your writing is highly character-oriented, your characters will guide whether or not sex every 10,000 words is appropriate.

The separation between romance and erotica is also important for appealing to your target audience. The majority of people like sex, and won’t complain if you toss them a scene or two. However, there are also people who would rather have plot than sex. Think about how you advertise your book. If you categorize it as “erotica,” people will expect lots of sex (but make sure it always has a purpose!) If you call it “romance” they might be more receptive to a story with more plot and characters.


The timing of intimate scenes in your writing is crucial. In many erotic stories, the key is to find the sweet spot where the sexual tension and anticipation has readers on the edge of their seats. This can easily backfire, however, if readers feel like they’ve been waiting for ages and ages with the potential of no reward. All scenes in your book should revolve around conflict, especially if it’s a shorter story. Nobody wants to read a book where everything is going perfectly and everyone is happy all the time. Although longer novels may have some lighthearted moments to break up action-heavy or emotionally intense scenes, readers need to see the problems the characters are working through.

Your intimate scenes between characters will carry much more weight if they occur in moments that are filled with tension. I’d much rather read about two people who are unable to tear themselves away from each other, even when everything around them is going wrong, than a couple with a stable and predictable sex life. Never throw sex scenes in just for the sake of it. Each scene needs to contribute to the character’s relationship or situation.

Think about vocabulary

When writing sex scenes, the way you refer to anatomy will set the tone of the whole scene.

Here’s a small selection of words that you should NEVER use, unless your going for a comedy or parody. I did not make these up. I have seen all of these.

Rod (or “god of a rod”)

Whoopie Stick

One-eyed monster




Chocolate Starfish

Back Door

A lot of people use the words nether regions, member, manhood/womanhood, or sex (as in her sex/his sex). I personally have never liked these terms. In my opinion they create an almost stilted tone that ruins the natural and poetic feel of an intimate scene. In my opinion, the words used for genitals should be as unobtrusive as possible so the focus can be on the acts themselves.

These are words that I like to use (since I write MxM erotica, I can really only offer advice on male terms, though I’ll try my best to discuss female anatomy as well.)




I would say by far that the anus is the hardest to describe, simply because it has the most stigma in its role in sexual play. Especially if you’re writing erotica with two male characters, the anus is going to come into play. I find the words “entrance” and “opening” to be most clear.

I tend to write in a very romantic fashion, so for me words which are less vulgar are typically better. I like to focus much more on the emotions than the physical acts themselves. However, if you are writing a BDSM scene with dirty talk, you can get really creative with the levels of obscenity you use. For example, I’ve seen “boy pussy” or simply just “pussy” or “cunt” being used to describe the anus when a character is trying to be derogatory in the bedroom (of course this relies on the demeaning notion that a woman’s anatomy is somehow inferior or shameful). Essentially, unless dirty talk is becoming a part of your characters time in the bedroom, I wouldn’t try to get too creative with the names. It can be distracting.

For female anatomy, the few times I’ve written/read erotica involving women, I’ve liked the words entrance, clit, folds, pussy, and cunt (although I totally understand how controversial these last two words could be).


I imagine some people write intimate scenes just like they would any other scenes. For me it varies wildly. Sometimes I sit down on the couch next to my boyfriend with a cup of coffee and type away. Other times I watch something to get me in the mood before or during my writing. However, like any type of writing, it can require a huge amount of research. If, like me, you write about people different than yourself or acts you have never performed, it becomes crucial to research in order to make sure your writing is realistic.

Full disclosure here, you’ll need to read and watch a LOT of porn, more often than not totally objectively and without thinking about pleasure at all. If this bothers you, than you probably shouldn’t be writing erotica. Of course, everyone’s reasons are different. I write erotica because the different things that arouse people, the different things that sex can mean, everything we do to make ourselves feel good, totally intrigues me.

Writing sex scenes can be difficult and awkward, but should ultimately be rewarding. Those who write erotica or romance put themselves on the line because they expose a more intimate part of themselves. If you can get past this and find what works best for you, you’ll have one of  the best writing experiences of your career!